Counselor Camp Registration

Welcome to Counselor Camp -- HEALING THE ADOLESCENT PSYCHE:  Mind, Body, Spirit

This short registration process contains information to help you and us prepare for our time together on a practical level.

1.  Submit the pre-registration form below.

2.  Submit your payment. Payments can be made by check mailed to: Rite of Passage Journeys, PO Box 27559, Seattle, WA 98165-2559, or by credit card online here or over the phone at (425) 485-7396. Your spot is now reserved. (See our Cancellation Policy here).

3.  Upon receipt of completed pre-registration, we will email you to confirm your spot is reserved. We will contact you again two weeks before the conference with complete information on the gathering. 

Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions, and we look forward to your participation in this conference.

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Explanation of Risks and Dangers

By providing my electronic signature above I acknowledge that I have been advised and fully understand that there are inherent dangers in outdoor and nature-based activities sponsored by Rite of Passage Journeys (called Journeys from here on) which are beyond the control of the instructors, agents, officers, students and employees of Journeys, and that participation in any program activities will be supervised by qualified and experienced personnel, and, while safety will be Journeys primary concern, it is impossible to guarantee that accidents will not happen. 

Property Loss: I understand that neither Journeys nor Cispus Learning Center are responsible for personal property lost, damaged, or stolen while participating in Counselor Camp.

Insurance: I understand that it is my responsibility to provide accident and health insurance coverage for myself while I am participating in Counselor Camp.

First Aid: I authorize Journeys, if the need arises, to administer first aid, CPR, or other treatment by a qualified staff member. 

Photograph Permission: I give my permission to Journeys to use without limitation or obligation, photographs, film footage, or tape recordings that may include my voice and/or image for the purposes of promoting Rite of Passage programs. 

Acceptance: By providing my electronic signature above, I acknowledge the conditions stated above. If any portions of this waiver are held to be invalid, I agree that the remaining terms shall be in full legal force and effect. I have read, or have had read to me, and voluntarily sign this waiver and release from liability. 

If you would like to download a copy of this Explanation of Risks and Dangers for your files click here. 

Cancellation Policy

In the case of cancellation more than one month before the conference, half of your payment will be refunded. If a participant withdraws less then a month before the conference, no refund will be issued. In rare cases, credit towards a future Counselor Camp will be allowed.