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Perhaps you have landed here because you or your child is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with us. Thank you for putting your trust in us and we look forward to creating a great experience with you.

Below you will find information about Financial Aid, Backpacking Gear, Directions to Basecamp, and our Food Policy. Click here for our Cancellation Policy. If you landed here to make a payment, please visit this page to select the program for which you are making a payment, and follow the instructions to make a payment from there. If you are not sure or you have questions please contact our office during business hours at (425) 485.7396.


Financial Aid

Throughout our history, Journeys has never turned away a participant for lack of funds. Our financial aid process is straightforward and open-ended, and we invite you to apply for the level of aid that will make the program do-able for your family.

We stretch our funds to meet the needs of as many as possible, so we typically aren't able to award full scholarships. We suggest that participants and families engage in some fundraising among family and friends — both to raise needed funds, and to engage the participant's community in the experience they are about to embark on, which increases the power and sustainability of the changes they will undergo. We are also very willing to arrange payment plans to spread out costs, especially if your payment plan begins at registration.

Let the cost of the program be no barrier to providing your young person (or yourself!) with this experience at the right time  — whether this year, next, or the next. All of our financial aid funds come directly from individuals and families who have seen the power of our programs, and donate to make these experiences accessible to everyone who is called to them. We are happy to work together to create a financial plan to ensure your access to this experience!


Gear Recommendations

Choosing the right gear can be a challenging, and sometimes overwhelming, process. Here are a few principles to remember while choosing your (or your child's) gear:

1. New gear is not important. Quality is important. Warmth can be achieved through layering of clothing. Sturdy, quality gear and clothes can even be found at thrift and consignment stores (especially gear for growing young people).

2. Light gear is important. Make sure that each piece of gear is listed on our gear list, and that you bring nothing more or less. Ideally, the trail pack, including food, should weigh no more than one third of a hiker's body weight. Calculate 12 lbs for food and group gear in addition to your (or your child's) personal gear. We recommend that a youth of 120 lbs arrives to our basecamp with a pack of 25 lbs or less. Trail pack weight does not include basecamp clothing, or boots. If it isn't on our gear list, please don't bring it! Rite of Passage Journeys cannot be responsible for items left at basecamp, which is where items not on the list must be left.

3. Waterproof is essential. Please spend time researching to understand the difference between "water resistant" (not useful in the rainforest!) and truly "waterproof."

4. Whether or not you'll try to get your equipment used, it's worth it to go to a gear shop, such as REI, to try on backpacks, boots, etc. The staff at gear stores are trained to help you figure out what fits you and what works — please make use of their expertise!

If you have any gear-related questions, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to offer advice on good products and where to get them.


Directions to Basecamp

Most of our Wilderness programs start and end at Songaia Co-Housing (22401 39th Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021). Here are some directions to make your arrival a little easier:


Food Policy

Journeys works very hard to provide safe and healthy food for participants on our trips. We can work with most any dietary restrictions. Please note that Journeys can provide nut- and peanut-free food for a participant, but cannot provide an entirely nut-free trip (i.e. with no one else on the trip consuming nuts). The same is true for gluten.

To ensure participant safety and comfort in the realm of eating, Journeys asks that people with certain dietary restrictions bring some of their own food to complement what we are able to provide.

  • People with tree-nut allergies should bring their own snack bars. If sensitive to traces, you may also need to bring granola as well.

  • People with peanut allergies should bring their own snack bars and spread for sandwiches (peanut butter replacement).

  • People with wheat allergies should bring their own snack bars and gluten-free bread. People who are sensitive to traces of gluten may need to provide certain other items (e.g. gluten-free granola and oatmeal).

  • People with other dietary restrictions may be asked to bring certain other items to supplement the menu.

Please call the office (425) 485.7396 and talk with us about what to bring and how much of it to bring.

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Resources |  Program Logistics |  Educational Materials  |  Blog  |  Videos




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