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Thank you for your decision to apply for one of our guide positions. All 2019 Program Coordinator and Mentor positions are currently filled; several Apprentice positions are still available. In addition, guide positions often open up mid-summer, so we encourage you to submit your application to be considered for last-minute openings. Please complete the form below. Then email the following to

  • Your current resume, including at least two reference contacts

  • Answers to these four essay questions (please write at least one paragraph per question):

    • Why do you want to work with Rite of Passage Journeys? What youth program(s) would you like to apply for? (please include dates and titles of programs)

    • What has been your most satisfying experience working with youth?

    • What has been the most challenging decision youʼve made during an outdoor trip or experience?

    • What do you think will be the greatest gift you will bring to your work with us?

  • A copy of your medical certifications (or a plan for getting these certifications)

Staff Application Form

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Please list 3 – 4 of your most significant outdoor experiences; include Location, Length in Days and Miles, Type of Trip (Guide, Participant or Personal), and Highlights from the trip.
I, the applicant for this Staff Application Form, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this application. I understand the Rite of Passage Journeys follows an ʻemployment at willʼ policy for both volunteers and staff, and that I or Journeys may terminate my employment at any time, or for any reason consistent with applicable state or federal law; this ʻemployment at willʼ policy cannot be changed verbally or in writing unless the change is specifically authorize in writing by the Executive Director of this organization. I understand that this application is NOT a contract of employment. I understand that federal law prohibits the employment of unauthorized aliens; all persons hired must submit satisfactory proof of employment authorization and identity; failure to submit such proof will result in denial of employment. I understand that Journeys will thoroughly investigate my work and personal history and verify all data given on this application, on related papers and in interviews. I authorize all individuals, schools and firms named therein, except my current employer if so noted, to provide any information requested about me and I release them from all liability for damage by providing this information. I understand that if I am hired, my continued employment may be conditioned upon Journeys receipt of satisfactory reports from the WA State Patrol, the Department of Motor Vehicles and Licensing and other background checks. I understand this application will be active for a period of six months, after that time, if I wish to be considered for employment, I must submit a new application. I certify that all statements herein are true and understand that any falsification or willful omission shall be sufficient cause for dismissal or refusal of employment.
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