Call to Adventure

Ages 10 - 12  |  June 21 - 27 OR August 3 - 9, 2020  | Return to Youth Programs


"I had a great time backpacking. I was able to explore an interesting sea cave, spend a day on the beach and in the water, and discover ancient petroglyphs carved into the rocks hundreds of years ago. I gained many things, including mental & physical strength, as well as perseverance & courage. I now also appreciate the place we live in more." - Aiden, Age 10


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Do you hear the call of enchanted forests, dramatic coastlines, and the wondrous night sky? 

Call to Adventure is a fun-filled backpacking trip that inspires deep connection to the wonders of the wilderness. A group of nine young people (ages 10 - 12) and three adult guides will come together as a tribe, and journey for a whole week through the magical forests and beaches of Olympic National Park —  learning to play, communicate, and share together in the challenges and joys of outdoor living.

Kids will explore tide pools, play games along the trail, share stories and songs around the campfire, and sleep under open, star-filled skies. They will learn about back-country cooking and shelter-making, about wild plants and animals and how to care for them, and about themselves and each other.  Many of the journeyers (and their families!) will experience the trip as a significant rite of passage, as they spend a week away from loved ones and the comforts of home, and are immersed in an inspiring new environment.

Call to Adventure also provides an introduction to the activities and practices that form the heart of Journeys’ Coming of Age programs.

Alongside the guidance of mentors, kids will practice authentic sharing and listening in talking circles, explore bits of solitude and self-reflection, and engage in fun and meaningful group rituals.

We named Call to Adventure after Joseph Campbell’s term to describe the beginning of the Hero's Journey: a call that beckons each of us toward an experience that extends us beyond our level of comfort and current understanding. As they enjoy the rich opportunities for play and exploration, kids who answer the Call to Adventure will develop a variety of interpersonal skills and inner resources that will serve them well as they approach the mysteries of adolescence.




Ages 10 - 12
All Genders


Session 1: June 21 - 27, 2020
Session 2: August 3 - 9, 2020


Olympic National Park
Program starts/ends in Bothell, WA


$925.00; Deposit $250.00
Financial Aid is Available

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Playing and making new friends on the Washington Coastline.

Playing and making new friends on the Washington Coastline.

Participants enjoy Nature Sit-Spots and Journaling activities.

Participants enjoy Nature Sit-Spots and Journaling activities.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1  |  Participants and families meet at the Journeys basecamp for a gear check and send-off ceremony. After a ferry ride, van games and a stop at the Olympic National Park headquarters, we arrive at the 1st campground, have a fire, get to know each other and prepare for adventures ahead. 

Days 2 - 3  |  Time to start up the trail! We will embark on a backpacking expedition through the forest and then along the WA Coast, setting up camp as we go. Along the way we learn and practice backpacking and wilderness skills & community skills, while also playing fun games, enjoying the great outdoors, exploring nature, and hanging out around the campfire. 

Days 4 - 6  |  These days bring new heights of exploration and fun - and a bit of challenge as we complete our longest hike yet. We also take a day off from hiking, enjoy time along a river, check out petroglyphs and play big beach games. Through it all we deepen our connections with the natural world, experience time alone in nature and participate in spontaneous art projects and talking circles. 

Day 7  |  Time to return home! Full from the wonders and sights experienced and our new friendships, we'll make the triumphant journey back across the ferry to basecamp and waiting families. And yes, we'll have some stories to tell...


Skills Introduced

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Nature Connection.png
Backcountry Skills.png

Teamwork  |  Self Reflection  |  Nature Connection  |  Backcountry Skills  |  Campfires  |  Campskills


Call to Adventure Staff

Session 1: June 23 - 29, 2019


Jessie Cubberly

Program Coordinator

Jessie Cubberly’s career in guiding began with naturalist interpretation, wherein she thrilled at weaving the stories of natural history into delectable, digestible narratives for people of all backgrounds…


Asa dean

Program Mentor

Asa Dean brings a refreshing combination of depth and levity to his work, as he supports individuals to form more embodied and resilient relationships with themselves and the worlds they inhabit…


Session 2: August 12 - 18, 2019


Laura Dennis

Program Coordinator

Laura Dennis ventured into the wild when she was a young girl, backpacking with her grandma in Alaska, which led her on a journey to finding the powerful healing principles from the elements and mother…


Keith Koch

Program Mentor

Keith Koch has been mentoring children of all ages for the past 9 years, sharing his passion for music, movement and natural medicines. Originally from Wisconsin, he started teaching English through music as...


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