GET KIDS OUTSIDE - Unplugged and on Track

You’d be moved by the concerns we hear from parents of anxiety and depression in kids too young to be facing such stress. Even for more grounded youth, we witness a bone-deep need to figure out who they are and where they are going — to mark significant life transitions consciously, as a touchstone for future confident choices.

You can give them that gift — today!


Your investment will…

  • Ensure scholarship needs are met — enrich through diversity

  • Upgrade critical infrastructure

  • Grow our training hub — help mentors hone skills to expand this work

  • Provide inspiring workshops — build connection through a partnership of generations

Only you can meet these core needs. Thank you for lifting kids lives with your gift today!


“I couldn’t see thirty feet in front of me due to the mist. I looked up at a nearby rock formation, and there was a bald eagle perched on the highest point on the peak. It felt as though the eagle was sitting out the solo with me. I was inspired to sit like that bird; calm, confident, and silent.”

Luca, Coming of Age, Age 13


“I strongly believe in the power wilderness can have on youth, especially in this day and age. Journeys trips are truly life-changing. They teach youth leadership, responsibility, trust, teamwork and self-growth through in-depth councils and basic wilderness skills. The guides on the trip were powerful role models and respected and treated us like adults. I'm incredibly grateful to have been able to spend such a full 3 weeks in the beautiful outdoors….”

Grace, Solo Crossing, Age 16


“I really felt that I was welcomed into young womanhood. This journey had awesome guides…. They treated us like adults and let us help out with everything that needed to be done. I grew to be confident and became a much more open person. I think that that will help me a lot in relationships with people.”

Katya, Moon Rise, Age 12